Training to work on PSA machines

After purchasing the machine, you can undergo training. Training is provided free of charge in Novosibirsk.

On average, for a person with basic knowledge of working with graphic editors (preferably), training takes from one day.
The training is divided into two stages:
1. The basics of working on a machine using "CorelDraw". The technical aspects of the operation of the machine are also highlighted.

2. Cutting 3D products using complex editors such as "3D'MAX", "AutoCAD", "Compass", "SolidWork", etc. Knowledge of the 3D editor is a must at this stage!

If there is no knowledge of graphic editors, training is carried out only in the first stage. Our specialists will give the listener basic knowledge, using which you can start working on the PSA equipment.

To complete the training, the client needs to have a laptop with a graphic editor installed (see the training stages above: "CorelDraw", "AutoCAD", etc.)

How to get trained:

The training is carried out at our production base in Novosibirsk, at the address: 630501 Novosibirsk region, Krasnoobsk, st. S-200 bldg. 2

You must first agree on the date of your arrival by phone + 7-913-017-2828 or by email. mail

If necessary, we will meet you at the airport or by train. station and deliver to our production.


Creation of 2D files for machine tools of the SRP-32XX series

We will prepare a cutting file for your products in accordance with the terms of reference, based on your requests.

The cost and terms are individual for each specific project.

You can place an order by sending a request to our email. mail - , in the subject line, please indicate - "Order for a cutting file + company name or name". After agreeing on all the nuances, we will prepare a cutting file in * .PLT format and a source file "CorelDraw X3" in * format .CDR

How to make an application:

- Description of the product (inscription, letter, facade element, shell, etc.)

- Photo, sketch, drawing, font (for inscriptions using standard fonts)

- Exact product dimensions / drawing

- When providing an existing "CorelDraw" file, it must first be saved with support for "CorelDraw X3"

- Contact number


Production of dies for machine SRP-3462 "Relief"

For customers who have in their production machine SRP-3462 "Relief", as well as planning to purchase the machine, we offer a service for the production of metal dies (laser cutting) for your products

You can place an order by sending a request to our email. mail -, in the subject line, please indicate - "Order for a die + company name or full name"

Upon completion of the order, you will receive a set of dies (inlet / outlet) ready for installation on the machine.

How to order:

- Email you must provide the source file in * .CDR format (with support for "CorelDraw X3"), or a drawing of the product

- Contact number

You can also order dies in parallel with the creation of a cutting file for your tasks.