Production of heatblocks "dovetail"

Foam inserts are widely used in the production of dovetail heat blocks. Especially for manufacturers we offer the technology for the production of foam inserts.

Calculation of the cost of the liner for the heat block

Производство теплоблоков ласточкин хвост из пенопласта

Task: It is necessary to cut out the foam insert for the manufacture of the thermoblock.
Billet: PPS-17 200x1000x2000mm (sheet 0.4 cubic meters)
Insert dimensions (example): 200x400x140mm.
Calculations (for a rough estimate of profitability):
From 1 sheet, 30 inserts are obtained.
From 1 cube, 75 inserts are obtained.
The cost of foam in Novosibirsk: 3000r / cubic meter.
The cost price for 1 insert: 3000r / cbm. / 75 = 40 rubles.
Cutting time for 6 sheets (pack) of polystyrene foam (6 strings): 22 min.
Per shift of 8 hours: 3900 inserts.
Other expenses for 1 insert: no.
Total for 1 insert: 40 r and 8 s.

Recommended equipment (options):

- SRP-3221 "MaxiUniversal" without a turntable - 185,000 rubles.

- SRP-3222 "SuperMaxi" without turntable - 205,000 rubles.

Machine tools in construction and finishing: