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Technical support:

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Cutting 3D models on machines SRP 32XX series

Preparing PLT Files

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

• Violation of product geometry, rounding of corners

We take as a condition that all assembly and adjustment procedures are performed correctly, the machine is calibrated.

Everything was cut well, accurately to the size, as in the original file. But, with the transition to a new material, the geometry of the product was violated, the right corners are rounded, and some parts were not cut out at all.

In the vast majority of cases, this is caused by an incorrect selection of cutting parameters - too high a speed, or insufficient heating. The string simply does not have time to pass the trajectory, following the program, it stretches, lags behind. As a result, the program is already cutting the “leg”, and the string has not yet finished the “arm”.

Each new material may require adjusting the speed and heating parameters. As a test sample. you can use the file "Calibration frame", it is supplied on the disc with the software, and is also available in the folder of the installed software (by default - C: \ Program Files \ SRP_32USB \ Examples).

Using this file, on a small piece of material, you can adjust the parameters, achieving clear right angles along the entire trajectory.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

• No connection "PC - Machine"

If there is no connection between the computer and the machine, you must:
- Make sure that power is supplied to the machine control unit.
- Check the functionality of the USB cable (you can use a cable from a printer, scanner, etc.). USB extension cables are not allowed.
- As an exception to the problem in the software, it is recommended to reinstall the machine driver.
- On a working controller, while waiting for connection, a green LED on the USB controller panel will light up (on some units, the LED can be installed inside the unit, on the USB controller board itself). After the PC-Machine connection is established, the LED goes out.
- If all procedures are completed and the problem is not resolved, please contact us. Our programmers will try to solve the problem from their side, excluding possible software failures.

If a solution to the problem is not found, you can dismantle the USB controller itself and send it to us.
However, we recommend that you send the entire control unit in order to test all its systems.

• CorelDraw - the dimensions specified when creating the cutting file differ from the real ones.

This is one of the most common "inattentions", let's call it that. When saving a file in PLT format, the "Export HPGL" window appears. In it, on the "Page" tab, you must specify the "Plotter unit of measure" - 5080. When you set this value, you will get the correspondence of the specified dimensions to the real ones. Curve resolution on the "advanced" tab - set 0. All other parameters do not need to be touched. This procedure is described in the instruction manual.

• In case of failure, any of the three coordinates (X, Y, Z)

- It is necessary to check the connection of the motor to the controller, make sure that the cable is intact.
- Check the settings in the software to avoid forced disconnection of the coordinates.
- To check the engine's performance, it is necessary to connect the cable of the failed coordinate, instead of any other.

The Z coordinate does not work. We connect the cable of the Z coordinate instead of the X. Try to move the X coordinate in the control program (left-right). If the table rotates, there is no problem with the motor. In a similar way, you can check any other coordinate.

If all options are excluded - only one remains - breakdown of the coordinate board or lack of power on it. In this case, it is necessary to open the unit, check all internal connections, loops, power wires. If everything is in order, dismantle the failed board and send it to us.

In all cases, it is advisable to contact us in any convenient way, for advice, a possible solution to the problem, etc.

• Connecting machines to a PC

The machines are connected to a PC via the USB 2.0 interface, without using any COM-USB adapters. When connecting, do not use USB extension cables.
The software works on all current versions of Windows 32 / 64bit

• File formats of supported software to control our machines

PLT is a common plotter cutting format used for cutting 2D products. Files are easily created in the vector editor "CorelDraw", which has earned great attention among designers, illustrators and operators of CNC machine tools. You can also use any other editor that supports export to PLT format

STL is a file extension previously developed for stereolithography and is used by our software for working with 3D models created in three-dimensional graphics editors - 3D's MAX, SolidWork, Compass 3D, etc.

DXF - since March 2013 our software can work with DXF files created in AutoCAD.

• How to update the software

To do this, you need to send a request indicating the serial number of the machine and for whom it was purchased by e-mail info@3dpenoplast.ru