Wedding decoration

To make the main day of a young family truly solemn and festive is the main task of decorators and organizers. SRS foam cutting machines easily solve problems related to the production of arches for off-site registrations, flower stands, screens and monograms, all kinds of decorative solutions.

Calculation of the cost on the example of a flower stand

Оформление свадьбы из пенопласта

Task: You need to cut a flower stand (baluster).
Billet: PSB-S-25 1200x1000x2000 mm (2.4 cubic meters)
Baluster dimensions: 135x135x720 mm.
Calculations (for a rough estimate of profitability):
104 balusters are obtained from 1 block.

The cost of foam in Novosibirsk: 3000 rubles / cubic meter.
The cost of the foam block is 3000 rubles / cubic meter. * 2.4 cbm = 7200 rubles.

Cutting time for balusters with 8 edges is 25 minutes.

The cost price of 1 baluster is 70 rubles.

Recommended equipment (options):

- SRP-3222 "SuperMaxi" with a rotary table - 229,000 rubles .

- SRP-M "Master" - 26,000 rubles.

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