Coating machines (reinforcing machines)

Slave. field: 650 * 350 mm.

Speed: up to 6 m / min.

Cost: 275,000 rubles.

Slave. field: 1050 * 650 mm.

Speed: up to 6 m / min.

Cost: 330,000 rubles.

In the manufacture of molded facade elements from expanded polystyrene, one of the main tasks is to reinforce the product in order to increase the mechanical strength, protect the foam from ultraviolet radiation and give the finished element an aesthetic appearance.

To solve problems, two main types of reinforcement are used:

1. Spraying is an available method (compressor + gun), however, it has a low productivity, because you have to cover the product in several approaches in layers. Also, there is a need for a thorough finishing study (grinding smudges, smoothing the surface). The technology is perfect for working with small volumes of products (arches, rustic materials, balusters, etc.), which are usually much smaller in comparison with molded elements.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

2. Broaching - a high-performance method of reinforcing molded elements (up to 360m.p / hour). At the exit, you get a completely finished product, with an optimal layer of reinforcing composition (2-3mm). After drying, the product is ready for painting (if necessary) and installation on the facade, without requiring additional manipulations.

For this technology, we offer the SRP-3462 "Relief" machine, created specifically for the application of reinforcing coatings by the broaching method. The product is fed into the hopper filled with the mixture through a shaped die (matrix). In the process of drawing the element, the outlet die removes the excess layer of the composition like a figured spatula.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

The SRP-3462 "Relief" machine has proven itself as a reliable, easy-to-use and unpretentious solution. Average productivity of the machine - 200-240m.p. per hour, however, with a competent organization of the working space, it is possible to increase up to 360m.p. in hour.