Machine tools for cutting foam (expanded polystyrene) with manual control:

Slave. field: 700 * 480mm

L strings: 1350mm

Number of strings: 1

Cost: on request

Slave. field: 1320x380mm

L strings: 1320mm

Number of strings: 1

Cost: on request

Manual cutting machines for polystyrene foam (expanded polystyrene) are designed for use both in the workshop and at the customer's site. Lightweight construction, fast assembly are the main advantages of such machines. Machine control is carried out manually - by means of a probe on the SRP-K "Kontur" or by pushing the material on to the SRP-S "Skat".

Production of foam products on the SRP-K "Kontur" machine is carried out using a template. For contour cutting of polystyrene (expanded polystyrene), it is possible to use chipboard, hardboard, plastics and even cardboard as a template (if you need to cut, for example, several letters).

SRP-S "Skat" is designed for the production of insulation and finishing elements during the construction and restoration of buildings. Designed for cutting expanded polystyrene sheet.

Cutting of extruded polystyrene foam (foam) on machines is also carried out with nichrome wire.

The speed is manually adjustable, so it is especially important to smoothly run the string or feed the material.

The hand-operated machines of the SRP series are perfect as mini equipment for small businesses.