Foam Cutting Machine with Integrated Controller

СРП-3420 "Лист"
СРП-3440 "Топаз"
СРП-3450 "Арка"
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Dissolution on sheets from 5 mm

L strings: 800-1200mm

Workpiece height: 110 * 200mm

Number of strings: up to 12

Cost: from 147,000 rubles.

T-slot cutting

L workpiece: 1020-1200 mm

Workpiece width: 260..360 mm

Number of burners: up to 9

Cost: from 95,000 rubles.

Cutting arched elements

Workpiece section: 580 * 580 mm

Radius: from 150mm

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Cost: 115,000 rubles.

This class of foam cutting machines is controlled by our built-in controller. The controller provides accuracy, constancy of cutting parameters (constancy of speed is especially important) and ease of use. Oversized digital segment displays display the required parameters, and the built-in multi-turn encoder allows you to quickly change the desired parameter if necessary.

Cutting of polystyrene (expanded polystyrene) is carried out with a nichrome string.

The SRP-3420 "Liszt" machine has been developed for cutting extruded and block polystyrene foam into sheets of a given thickness. The machine is used in the production of sandwich panels, screed insulation, underfloor heating, etc.

SRP-3440 "Topaz" - the necessary equipment for the production of fixed formwork from expanded polystyrene (foam). Its task is to burn out T-shaped grooves in the walls of the permanent formwork for the installation of plastic and metal-plastic lintels.

For the production of curly arched elements of any profile and curvature, the machine for cutting polystyrene (expanded polystyrene) SRP-3450 "Arka" is suitable.

Thus, on machines of the SRP series with a built-in controller, it is possible to organize profitable production for small businesses.

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