Software for foam plastic cutting machines SRP

The machine for shaped cutting of foam plastic is controlled by a computer.

The program for controlling the machine for shape cutting of foam is our own development, it is completely original and fits only our machines. The software is constantly updated and refined, taking into account the wishes of our customers.
Current software version:

- for machines SRP-32XX,

- for machine tools SRP-112

Our machines work directly through the USB port, which allows using modern PCs and laptops (without LPT-USB adapters) and ensures stable operation under all versions of WINDOWS from XP to 10, 32/64 bit.

The machine control program recognizes file formats: PLT, DXF, STL.

Some features of the control program for machine tools SRP:

Calculation of segments for domed houses
The program allows you to specify the outer radius of the dome, wall thickness, dimensions of grooves and spikes for joining elements, take into account material burnout. In accordance with the entered data, cutting files and a specification for a specific project will be generated - how many rows, how many segments per row, segment parameters.

2D cutting mode

The possibility of 2D cutting of foam products is provided by passing the string along a given curve.

3D cutting mode

The possibility of 3D cutting of polystyrene products is provided by passing the string along a predetermined curve and then turning the turntable. More details on the process of 3D cutting of products can be seen in the video.

Cutting mode "Radius"

In this mode, a 2D path is cut using a turntable and moving vertically on the side surface of a cylinder or pipe of a given radius. The mode makes it possible to cut inscriptions and patterns on a curved (cylindrical) surface.

Cutting mode "Torsion"

In this mode, wire cutting is carried out simultaneously with the rotation of the turntable, which allows cutting out products of a screw shape.

The program has the ability to edit one or all curves simultaneously (scaling, rotation, mirroring).

An accelerated movement is possible when the Shift key is pressed and held while the NC program is running.

There is a "Simulation" mode - the possibility of a test run of the cutting program.

You can start cutting from any selected point (set by the right mouse button).

It is possible to continuously move the string without holding the movement buttons by the operator.

The machine can be controlled both with a mouse, a keyboard of a connected PC, and a digital part of separate wired and wireless digital keyboards or a gamepad.

Pressing the Stop button pauses the running NC program and the user receives a request to confirm the program interruption. If the user refuses to interrupt the program, the NC program remains in pause mode until the next user command.

After stopping the program, when pressing the "Start" button, the user can choose one of the options for continuing the program - from the beginning, from the stopping point, from the beginning of the last unexecuted command or from the beginning of the last trajectory curve not passed (the program stopping point is shown in the trajectory figure as a small red triangle). It is possible to independently set the selected point (set by the right mouse button). This function is convenient in case of. if there was a break in the string, and the portal continued to move for some time. In this case, it is possible to continue the cutting program from the manually set break point.

To simplify the selection of the cutting parameter, a mode guide has been created. The reference book allows you to save the current or manually specified settings for cutting speed, rotation, degree of heating and additional options (turning off heating when turning and at idle, idle at cutting speed) in a record with a user-specified name. The saved record can be changed, deleted, applied as the current machine settings.

The answers to questions arising in the course of work can be quickly viewed in the help system. There is a brief instruction on what to do when starting the machine for the first time.

NOTE! The software is not freely available. Supplied with equipment only.

You need to make a request to our e-mail - indicating the number of the controller of your machine, as well as the data of the buyer (by whom it was purchased).