Production of decorations for the holidays

We all know the feeling of a holiday when, on New Year's Eve, the city is filled with lights, flower colors fill the streets on March 8th. In a festive feria, there is always room for themed styrofoam decor. Styrofoam snowflakes, decorative flowers, holiday slogans, shopping mall decorations and simple birthday or wedding greetings - all this can be easily made using PSP foam cutting machines!

Calculating the cost of a foam snowflake

Снежинки из пенопласта

Objective: You need to cut out a snowflake for the New Year's decoration of retail outlets.
Billet: PSBS-25 20x1000x2000mm (sheet 0.04 m3)
Snowflake dimensions (example): 150x150x20mm.
Calculations (for a rough estimate of profitability):
From 1 sheet, 80 snowflakes are obtained.
From 1 cube, 2000 snowflakes are obtained.
The cost of foam in Novosibirsk: 3000 rubles / cubic meter.
The cost price per 1 snowflake is 2100 rubles / cubic meter. / 2000 = 1.5 rubles.
Cutting time for 100 sheets (pack) of polystyrene (6 strings) - 2 hours.
For a shift of 8 hours - 32,000 snowflakes.
Other expenses for 1 snowflake: no.
Total for 1 snowflake: 1.5 rubles and 2 snowflakes per second.

Recommended equipment:

- SRP-3221 "MaxiUniversal" without a turntable - 185,000 rubles.

- SRP-3222 "SuperMaxi" without turntable - 205,000 rubles.

Calculation of the cost of a volumetric inscription

Буквы из пенопласта

Task: You need to cut out the inscription "Happy Birthday"
Workpiece: PSBS-25 30x1150x550 mm
Dimensions of the inscription: 30x170x540 mm.
Calculations (for a rough estimate of profitability):
6 inscriptions are obtained from 1 sheet.
The cost of polystyrene in Novosibirsk: 200 rubles / piece.
The cost price for 1 inscription is 200 rubles / 6 = 41.6 rubles.
Cutting time for 1 inscription is 19 minutes.

Recommended equipment:

- SRP-3221 "MaxiUniversal" without a rotary table - 185,000 rubles.

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