Production of seats, sunbeds

Turkish baths, park architectural solutions, design fantasies - all this combines the ability to manufacture non-standard and unusual products from expanded polystyrene. In particular, the use of foam plastic loungers and seats has a number of advantages, such as lightness of construction, short production times, low hygroscopicity, and durability.

Calculation of the cost of a lounger for a Turkish bath

Сидения, лежаки из пенопласта

Task: We need to cut a lounger for the hamam

Billet: PPS-23, 1200x1000x2000 mm
Workpiece dimensions: PPS-23 50x1000x2000mm (sheet 0.1 m3)

Panel dimensions (example): 100x500x1000mm

Calculations (for a rough estimate of profitability):

From 1 sheet, 4 plates or 2 panels are obtained.

From 1 cube, 20 panels are obtained.

The cost of foam in Novosibirsk: 4100 rubles / m3

Cost per panel: 4100 rubles / m3. / 20 = 205 rubles.

Cutting time for 20 sheets (pack) of polystyrene (2 strings): 20 min.

For a shift of 8 hours: 1920 plates or 960 panels.

Other expenses for 1 block: glue, clinker.

Total for 1 panel: 205 rubles for polystyrene and 0.5 min of work, plus clinker and clinker gluing.

Note: For gluing clinker in even rows, you can use a plastic template with cells in the size of the tile. For the installation of fungi - a manual device for piercing holes.

Recommended equipment (options):

- SRP-3222 "SuperMaxi" without a turntable - 205,000 rubles.

- SRP-212 "Vector" - 420,000 rubles.

Machine tools in construction and finishing: