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CNC styrofoam hot wire cutter's 

Equipment from the manufacturer

Since 2000, we manufactured the equipment for cutting Styrofoam (polystyrene foam). The product range is constantly expanding and now we offer a tool with manual control and complicated machines for cutting Styrofoam With a CNC.
Our advantage is high quality of the cutting, which is performed both in 2D and in 3D.
Machines of our production work in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Canada

Dear customers! The version is 1.0.20 is now available for update!

New in version 1.0.20 - cutting mode Radius mode cutting "Torsion", and the advanced settings user interface.
How to upgrade: you must make a request to our email.mail - indicating the controller numbers of your machine and data of the buyer (who purchased).

Режим резки "Радиус"

Режим резки "Кручение"

The machines that we produce


• Learning to operate the machine SRP

• Preparation of 2D cutting files

• Manufacturing dies for machine SRP-3462 Relief"


• The choice of equipment for cutting Styrofoam

• Facade decor from foam

• Application of coatings on foam

• Helpful tips

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! N E W !  SRP-4610 "Optimus", milling 4-axes machine