Warranty conditions for PSA machines

  1. All units and components of our equipment are provided with a 2-year warranty * with round-the-clock work. Consumables are not warranted.

  2. The timing of the warranty repair depends on the warranty case. We understand how important it is that production does not stand idle without machines, so we try to carry out repairs as quickly as possible, without compromising quality. We usually fit in 1-2 business days, excluding delivery.

  3. Warranty repairs are carried out only at the Manufacturer's production site in Krasnoobsk.

  4. Payment for sending the warranty part in both directions is carried out by the Buyer.

  5. In case of a warranty case, to confirm the warranty, you need to provide a copy of the technical passport or data on the purchase of the machine (for whom and when it was purchased).

  6. Equipment damaged as a result of natural disasters, natural disasters, fires, domestic factors (transportation, improper operation) and other situations beyond the control of the Manufacturer is removed from the warranty service.

  7. Any (any) changes to the equipment are allowed only with our written consent. Otherwise, the equipment will be removed from the warranty service.

  8. Please, when sending for warranty repair, indicate the data: For individual entrepreneur Smirnov S.V., INN 543305084659 .

* On milling machines, the warranty is 1 year