Styrofoam facade decor

Especially for manufacturers of facade decor elements, as an example, we have prepared a calculation of the cost of the product using the example of a cornice and made a set of equipment. allowing to fulfill up to 100% of the assigned tasks for the production of facade elements from foam.

Calculation of the cost on the example of a polystyrene cornice with reinforcement


Polystyrene foam price: 2 600,00 r / m3

Coating price: 70r / kg

The volume of foam on the cornice, 1 lm: 0.015 m3

The cost of expanded polystyrene for the cornice: 39r

Coverage for the cornice: 0.00067 m3

Coating density: 2083 kg / m3

Coating weight: 1.4 kg

The cost of covering the cornice: 97.69 rubles

TOTAL: 136.69r

Recommended equipment (options):

- SRP-3222 "SuperMaxi" - 205,000 rubles.

- SRP-112 "Basis" - 360000r

- SRP-3462 "Relief" - 275,000 rubles.

Machine tools in construction and finishing: