Дробилка для пенопласта ДПР-5
Дробилка для пенопласта ДПР-5
Дробилка для пенопласта ДПР-5

Foam crusher DPR-5

91 200r - as standard


Power supply - 220V.

Waste crushing rate - 5 m3 / hour.

Crusher rotor diameter - 300 mm.

Shaft rotation speed - 1410 rpm.

Power consumption - 4000 watts.

The size of the loading window is 290x290 mm.

The size of the fractions at the exit is 10 mm.

Availability - in stock.

Foam waste crusher allows you to quickly and efficiently recycle waste from the production of foam products. Has high performance. Crushed foam material can be used as bulk insulation, as well as in the production of frameless furniture. It is recommended to use in conjunction with the Aspiration System .


1. 1.6x0.9x0.67 - 150kg

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