Decorations for shows, theater, props

High-quality props are half the success of almost any show, performance or film. Over the years, the SRP machines took part in the creation of fabulous entourage at the Mariinsky Theater, the film "The Brothers Karamazov", an endless number of commercials, as well as various open-airs ("Pirate Station", "KUBANA", "Invasion") and street performances.

Calculation of the cost on the example of a decorative column

Декорации бутафория из пенопласта

Task: You need to cut the column.
Billet: PSB-S-25 1200x1000x2000mm (2.4 m3)
Column dimensions: 800x800x6000mm.
Calculations (for a rough estimate of profitability):
From 1 block, 3 semi-columns are obtained (2000 mm high).

We need 6 half columns of this height.
The cost of foam in Novosibirsk: 3000 rubles / cubic meter.
The cost price of 2 blocks of polystyrene is 3000 rubles / cubic meter. * 4.8 cubic meters = 14 400 rubles.
Cutting time for 6 half columns is 45 minutes.

Recommended equipment (options):

- SRP-3222 "SuperMaxi" with a rotary table - 229,000 rubles .

- SRP-M "Master" - 26,000 rubles.

Machine tools in advertising, design: