CNC machine for 2D foam cutting:

Slave. field: 650 * 1250 mm.

L strings: 120mm.

Number of strings: 1

Cost: 115,000 rubles.

Сборка СРП-114ТФМ СПП test render 1 (1).png

SRP-125 "Decart"

Additional equipment for machines for cutting foam plastic series SRP

Cutting bodies of revolution

L strings: up to 2 m.

Hand cutter included

Price: 26,000 rubles.

Milling and turning module for machine tools SRP 112/212.

Workpiece size 1200 * 500dia.

The cost is 115,000 rubles.

Installation of up to 6 cutting strings.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Cost: 31,000 rubles.

Cutting arched elements

Radius: up to 3 m.

Price: 19,000 rubles.

CNC machines for cutting foam (expanded polystyrene) are designed for the production of shapes from foam (expanded polystyrene) in 2D and 3D (with a turntable) formats.

The machines and equipment for small businesses developed by our company are widely used in the production of foam products:

  • Volumetric cutting of polystyrene: letters for advertising purposes, window dressing, interiors of cafes, clubs, restaurants, scenery for theater, cinema, television and shows in open and closed areas.

  • Manufacturing of elements of facade decoration during the construction or restoration of buildings.

  • Manufacturing of products for architectural modeling.

  • Manufacturing of permanent formwork for construction.

  • Manufacturing of formwork for casting from concrete, polymer concrete and other pouring materials (memorial plaques, building structures, etc.).

  • Production of 3D models for the foundry industry (LGM).

  • Complex shape packaging.

Figured cutting of polystyrene (expanded polystyrene) is carried out with nichrome wire.

File preparation is carried out in graphic editors that support export to PLT, DXF and STL formats.